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The 10 Commandments of Square Dancing

I. You'll never allow a dancer to become your enemy, or consider yourself too good to dance with another, because if you do you'll find yourself dancing with them all the time.

II. You'll always touch the hands of dancers, and swing them, with gentleness and grace so you don't cause anyone pain.

III. You'll not get grumpy if your square breaks down repeatedly, because patience and smiles are what bring order and happiness to those occasions.

IV. You'll look for people in the hall without partners and ask them to dance, especially if they're visiting.

V. You'll always wear a badge, so everyone knows your name.

VI. You'll always be well dressed and wash your hands before the dance.

VII. You'll strive to dance in a variety of squares, to meet and enjoy the company of other dancers.

VIII. You'll honor the caller and never cross in front of his stage, since you know your success depends solely on his words and good disposition.

IX. You'll never leave a square once it's formed.

X. You'll only dance for fun, which the dancing will provide you in abundance.

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Last modified: September 23, 2019